Providing three pillars of care.

Empower. Intervene. Equip.



Life Exchange Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization in Chilliwack, British Columbia that provides oversight, leadership and support to three groups based out of Chilliwack and Vancouver, BC.



Our "Three Pillar Identity":

  1. To provide leadership, mentoring, training and counseling;

  2. To provide life solutions for underprivileged children and teens; and

  3. To provide effective response and solutions to those affected by social injustice in our Canadian and global communities.


Interested in getting involved? We are always looking for people to get involved in various ways throughout the year.

Contact us to see how you can be involved with Life Exchange Foundation or one of our groups.



Life Exchange Foundation

6483 Dover St.

Chilliwack, BC, Canada   V2R 1W9

Phone: 1-604-798-3040